About me

Hey, I’m Jason D’Souza—a musician, producer, and mixing/mastering whiz from Mumbai. My journey started with music engineering studies at SAE Institute in Singapore back in ’08. After soaking up knowledge at YRF Studios in Mumbai till ’10, I set off on my own music production adventure.

Music’s been my thing since forever. I’ve poured my heart into offering top-tier mixing and mastering services to artists all over. Worked with some incredible talents like Mali, Kamakshi Khanna, and a bunch more, building an impressive portfolio along the way.

Now, after over a decade diving deep into mixing and mastering various music styles, I’m stoked to collaborate with fellow indie artists, especially those rocking out in the realms of Rock and Heavy Metal. In Mumbai, I’ve made my mark as an indie producer, with projects like The Colour Compound’s EP “Sincerely Yours” and The Lightyears Explode’s album “The Revenge of Kalicharan.” Oh, and I don’t just stay behind the scenes—I bring my guitar skills to the table as part of The Koniac Net, producing our debut album “One Last Monsoon,” even getting a nod from Rolling Stone Magazine India.