Let's take your music to new heights together. Get in touch today, and let's get started on making your tracks RADIO AND STREAM READY.


Transform your tracks into powerful sonic experiences that demand attention. My mission is simple: to make your music sound LOUD AND DYNAMIC, make your tracks stand out from the crowd, and leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Mixing and Mastering Plan


I work with individual tracks or separate stems and balance them out by adjusting the volume and pan. I will then process the individual tracks using EQ, DYNAMIC PROCESSING, MODULATION, EFFECTS AND AUTOMATION to represent the song in its best possible form.


RAW individual files consolidated and bounced @24/96

ROUGH mix of the song as well as notes or any song references


MASTERING is the process of ENHANCING the final mixdown of a song, either in stereo format, or stemmed groups, and getting it up to a competitive level in terms of VOLUME and ENERGY. The aim is to get your mix to sound LOUD, DYNAMIC, and PLEASING TO HEAR. Once mastered, the song will be able to stand alongside other commercially released songs across all digital streaming platforms. Requirements:

FINAL APPROVED MIX of the song bounced @24/96

INSTRUMENTAL BOUNCES of the song one with backing vocals and one without.


Mix & Master

Get your track MIXED and MASTERED and have it RADIO AND STREAM READY with this combo plan.